Software. Science. Data.

We partner with you to create well-crafted software and data systems.

Orgmento is a software engineering and data sciences company based in Accra, Ghana.

Orgmento hires the best African talent from top universities, and trains them into specific roles within partner organisations.

We combine ongoing cultural and technical training, supporting our staff to be the best that they can be, in an increasingly globalised and remote workforce.

Orgmento delivers sustainable professional development,  partnering with your teams to create well-designed, adaptable software and data solutions that align with your organisational goals.

Our Services.

Orgmento is a software engineering and data sciences company. We augment partner organisations’ software and data teams with our software engineers and data scientists. We design and build scalable enterprise, financial, governmental, and science-based systems for a variety of organisations.

Augment your Teams

Augment your teams with individual Orgmento software and data science staff for long and short term projects, without sacrificing quality or control.

Software Architecture

Your existing systems can be adapted for performance and scalability with wholistic software architecture recommendations from Orgmento experts.

Data Management & Data Science

You can gain insights, spot trends, improve efficiency, and create increased value with Orgmento's approach to gathering, organising, securing, analysing and making FAIR, your data.

Software Engineering

From software products and services to internal optimisation and process automation, have your software requirements designed and built by Orgmento to your specifications and standards, under your control.

Quality Assurance

Assuring the quality of your software and data projects can take factors more effort than the original assignment. Orgmento can provide the additional support to assure quality.


In understanding your vision and establishing what your aims are, Orgmento works with you to meet defined goals, whilst taking feedback and lessons learned to further improve the working relationship.

About us.

Who We Are

We are Orgmento. We recruit the best software engineers and data scientists from the top universities, and then place them in individual teams with our partner organisations. We also provide multi-functional dedicated software and data science teams to international clients. We value long-term relationships.

Our Philosophy

What drives Orgmento. We are focused on creating a positive impact in Africa by empowering local talent and providing them with opportunities to grow and thrive in software engineering, data science (including machine learning and artificial intelligence). We are relentless in execution.

How We Work

We believe that a ‘can do’ attitude trumps everything. We have great fun working. We are relentless in solving problems. We are mindful of our partner organisations’ cultures. We are respectful of our colleagues.



Create your Team

Every project comes with its unique requirements for a team topology. We work with you to outline the team requirements and define an on-boarding plan, and then we select the best Orgmento candidates to fit the team profile.


On-board your Team

With the team in place, a time-bound, on-boarding process begins, the goal being to ensure that the new team fully understands the overall objectives, as well as the processes for successful delivery.


Maintain your Team

As the team begins to deliver its stated outcomes, a transition is made to maintain support for the team, and ensuring that the team is able to operate optimally.