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What We Do.

Orgmento is a software engineering and data sciences company. We augment partner organisations’ software and data teams with our software engineers, data managers and data scientists. We design and build scalable enterprise, financial, governmental, and science-based systems for a variety of organisations.

Augment your Teams

Augment your teams with individual Orgmento software and data science staff for long and short term projects, without sacrificing quality or control.

Software Architecture

Your existing systems can be adapted for performance and scalability with wholistic software architecture recommendations from Orgmento experts.

Data Management & Data Science

You can gain insights, spot trends, improve efficiency, and create increased value with Orgmento's approach to gathering, organising, securing, analysing and making FAIR, your data.

Software Engineering

From software products and services to internal optimisation and process automation, have your software requirements designed and built by Orgmento to your specifications and standards, under your control.

Quality Assurance

Assuring the quality of your software and data projects can take factors more effort than the original assignment. Orgmento can provide the additional support to assure quality.


In understanding your vision and establishing what your aims are, Orgmento works with you to meet defined goals, whilst taking feedback and lessons learned to further improve the working relationship.

Staff Augmentation

  • With Orgmento you have the flexibility to hire individual staff to meet your specific project needs
  • We help you find the best candidate fit for your requirements and embed them in your existing team
  • We can manage your new team members directly, providing the infrastructure, legal and administrative support needed for training, onboarding and CPD

Benefits of staff augmentation

  • Bespoke candidate recruitment process
  • Flexible access to trained staff
  • Ability to predict costs
  • Direct link between you and the staff member
  • Continuity of service provision guaranteed

Dedicated Team

  • If you need to set up a full-fledged team, then a dedicated team is the way to go
  • Orgmento will provide you with skilled, high-calibre candidates
  • You can embed candidates directly in your projects and manage them directly or have a dedicated project manager manage the team for you

Benefits of a dedicated team

  • Flexibility to scale your team up and down
  • Ability to predict costs
  • Directly manage your team if you choose
  • Bespoke candidate recruitment process
  • All administrative and legal matters taken care of